What is Millennial Automations


Millennial Automations more than a new word in the E-commerce Industry.

founders are ‘serial entrepreneurs’ having 3 years of experience in the digital industry


Millenials Automation

About Us

Millennial Automations is a Full-Service E-commerce Solutions Agency for online businesses not limited to Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy AND Shopify.

We have proven Foolproof business strategies that enable our partners to scale their sales by increasing conversion rates while using their marketing budgets more efficiently. THE VETERAN SOLUTIONS was founded with the mission of helping e-commerce businesses in business since 2019, has served 100+ Businesses online, and has been featured by multiple platforms. We specialize in focusing on individual product families and making them the best on Amazon, ebay , Walmart, etsy and Shopify.

Meet Our Founders


Meet the visionary behind Millennial Automation, Muhammad Nouman,, a seasoned entrepreneur, and the driving force behind the revolution in store automation.

Muhammad Nouman

Founder and CEO

Meet the visionary behind Millennial Automation, Muhammad Nouman,, a seasoned entrepreneur, and the driving force behind the revolution in store automation.With a track record of empowering over 200+ individuals and businesses to Start, Scale and automate their e-commerce businesses from ZERO to 5-6 figures a month.His expertise as a direct response marketer has helped countless businesses not just survive, but thrive in the dynamic landscape of e-commerce. Muhammad’s journey is rooted in a firm belief that store automation should be accessible to all businesses, not just a luxury for the elite.

WHY Millennial Automations<span class="dot">.</span>

WHY Millennial Automations.

WHY 90% E COMMERCE BUSINESS ARE DRIPPING THEIR MONEY!The dream of selling online seems quite easy, fancy and simple. Add some products and wait for the sales to pour in. Nooo… This is not the case, now it’s time to realize that…

You need Proper research of your product and Its USP Defined audience to target Perfect market analysis to sell Data driven PPC CAMPAIGNS followed by proper Algorithm Kick-ass Listing Copy of your product that hit visitors heads directly

Millennial Automations is part of Amazon’s Service Provider Network who specializes in all above fields.


Anas Khalid

Founder and Director

Meet the driving force behind Millennial Automations’ business success, Anas Khalid, a seasoned e-commerce expert with over 6+ years of industry experience. As the Director of Millennial Automations, Anas brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of helping brands ascend from ground zero to six-figure success stories. With a profound understanding of the e-commerce landscape, Anas Khalid has honed his skills to perfection. His expertise encompasses various facets of the industry, making him an invaluable asset to businesses aiming for e-commerce excellence. Anas boasts a deep knowledge of media buying, allowing him to craft winning strategies that drive growth and engagement.

Join Millennial Automations on a journey to elevate your e-commerce venture. Experience firsthand the expertise, dedication, and results-driven approach