eBay Automation

They CHARGE for the services, We charge for the RESULTS only

Millennial Automations has worked with multiple small and large E-commerce business owners for more than 2 and a half years and successfully helped our clients to get higher Returns on Investment (ROI)  through our professional E-commerce A to Z Services.

eBay Account Management Services

Marketplace Consulting

Our eBay consultants develop strategies to improve customer experience, build brand awareness and improve conversions.

Promoted Listings

Our expert eBay team exposes your products to broader audiences through eBay Promoted Listing Ads which appear within search results.

SEO & Keyword Ranking

To get in front of consumers searching for your products, our eBay marketing agency improves visibility in search results.

Enhanced Product Description Pages

We upgrade your product pages with carefully designed product description pages. These media-rich content pages promote the brand.

Product Research and Management

Whether you have a large product catalog or frequently add products, our feed management team will work through the optimization.

Product Content Development

Our eBay listing service team optimizes products titles and description to increase product views and exposure on search results.

How It Work?

Multi channel Sourcing

We have special department

Everyone dreams of doing drop shipping….

Everyone does drop shipping….

Everyone can make quick money….

But hardly 10% of them scale their businesses without being suspended.

The reason behind this is the LACK OF PATIENCE and IGNORANCE to updated dropshipping policies and GREED of quick rich schemes…

We schedule a call and spit the hard-earned drop shipping hacks to our clients only.
The Solutions we provide: 

Well drop ship on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and etsy via 2 step safe dropshipping model.

  • Walmart to eBay DS
  • Amazon to eBay DS
  • China to eBay DS
  • Pakistan to eBay DS

We use the required tools for product research, market analysis,  stock management, and inventory management for our all stores.

Scaling almost 50+ ebay Stores

Current projects


Requirements are:

  • New or an aged (6-8 months older) eBay Seller store (USA marketplace)

  • $2-3K in working capital that goes towards automation service fee, equipment, staff salaries, and setup cost

  • Credit Limit of at least $12-15K a month to fulfill orders

  • To be able to purchase an Amazon business prime account + 1 software subscription.



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